Whether you’re getting engaged, married or a guest at an upcoming wedding, these pink-nude shades from the #Bibride Lipstick Collection will work for you.

Just like picking out your venue, catering, wedding dress, etc, the whole look of your wedding day makeup is just as important. You’re going to look back on the day in pictures and would want to see yourself as a timeless bride. Makeup artist Syed Faizal Syed Noh knows this better than anyone else. Having been a makeup artist for almost 13 years specialising in editorial and bridal makeup looks, he’s the go-to makeup artists for royals, celebrities, and everyday brides alike, and has seen a lot of different types of brides. Recently, he launched a new Bibir collection, Bibride, that’s inspired by the beauty of a bride on her wedding day. He tells us more about it here.

What’s your definition of a beautiful bride?

“For me, a beautiful bride is one who is simple. Don’t overdo it is my mantra.”

What are some of the things a bride should consider before picking a makeup look for her big day?

“Do your research! Tak semua makeup sesuai for every face type. Find out what works for you so you won’t be disappointed.”

You’ve been doing bridal beauty for almost 13 years now. How have the makeup looks evolved over the years?

“We’ve gone from dramatic lips or eyes to lighter and natural all-over makeup, which I personally love.”

Image: @syedfaizalbeauty

What’s your most-requested makeup look?

“The keywords that I get are always fresh and dewy skin. I love seeing my brides glow!”

Image: @syedfaizalsyednoh

What’s the worst thing a bride can do right before her wedding?

“Definitely to not get eyelash extensions. This will complicate or alter the result of the look they’re going for. And do not get a facial just a day before your wedding as you won’t know how your skin might react.”

Congrats on BIBRIDE! Why was it important for you to create a collection for brides or inspired by brides?

“Thank you! Basically, the collection is something that I’ve always dreamed of doing, even before I started having my own makeup line. Semenjak I buat bridal makeup, the common question I get from people is, ‘What colour lipstick is that? That is so nice!’ So dari situ lah the idea datang. Why not do something that not only brides boleh pakai, but yang bukan bride also can pakai!”

Image: @syedfaizalbeauty

Tell us about your colour selection for this range?

“The idea is that everything must be fresh. There are 5 matte colours and 1 lip vinyl, which is a crystal nude pink gloss in the #Bibride Lipstick Collection. The colours range from nude to brown, pink, tangerine, coral and mauve.”

What’s next for Syed Faizal Beauty?

“Of course I’ll be introducing more product ranges so that’s in the works. But ultimately, I hope to obtain a bigger market reach and share with the brand.”

Said Faizal Beauty is available via @syedfaizalbeauty and @syedfaizalbeautyresellers. The #Bibride Mini collection retails at RM65.