The Beauty Desk Malaysia


Welcome to The Beauty Desk Malaysia! 

Founded by three former magazine beauty editors – Izzati, Nana and Sarah – this site is a tribute to our past work experiences in journalism and a love letter to the innovative, energetic, complex yet fun and alluring world of beauty.We often get asked about why we love doing what we do. Because, to put it simply, it’s art.

More than just about aesthetics, beauty – whether it’s in the form of makeup, skincare, haircare or fragrance – is a tool of self-expression and gives you the boost of confidence you need to feel your best.

 “Beauty Begins The Moment You start Being Yourself!”

Coco Chanel

Here, we want to share with you all the things we love, from personal favourites to new releases, product reviews, wellness tips and own life experiences. And because we have up to 15 years of professional training as journalists, we want to start conversations with brand founders, industry experts and you to further enrich this colourful community.

The Beauty Desk is both in English and Malay because we speak from the heart and believe that as a diverse country, we understand each other no matter what language we speak in. We’re committed to delivering fun and quality content that will hopefully add value to your lives. So click away and enjoy exploring the pages of this site!