The 23-year-old rapper shines brighter than ever.

“It doesn’t matter if we grow old and get replaced by a younger generation. As long as there is still someone talking about us. Because they will still remember how we shone so bright,” says Thai-born rapper and singer Lisa Manoban in the Netflix special ’Blackpink: Light Up the Sky’. And she is indeed shining bright like a supernova. From having released three new singles as a group – alongside Rosé, Jennie and Jisoo – to an album debut, to the Netflix documentary that dropped last week and now her appointment as M.AC’s latest Global Ambassador, 2020 proves to be quite a successful year for Lisa and Blackpink. Not to mention that she’s also been named Global Ambassador to French Fashion House, Celine, recently.

“I have always been a big fan of M.A.C! I like how the brand turns makeup into a form of self-expression, which always gives me great confidence on stage. Together with M.A.C, I am excited to invite and empower more audiences as we both have individuality and diversity at our core,” she says.

Lisa from Blackpink
Source: M.A.C Malaysia

As its spokesperson, Lisa will be the face of M.A.C’s key campaigns as well as work with M.A.C Makeup Artists to showcase her signature looks, share skincare routines and her lifestyle with fans. Read on for more deets about her beauty style.

What was your first ever M.A.C product?

“The first M.A.C product I used was a lip product. I’m still a huge fan of M.A.C’s lip products and love playing around with the countless number of colors and textures to choose from to help perfect my look.”

When did you realise your love for makeup and what about it do you love?

“Since I was a little girl, I have always been interested in makeup and fashion. But if I had to say the time I officially fell in love with makeup, I would say that was after my debut. When we release a new album or when I’m on set for a magazine, I enjoy suggesting a makeup look that I’ve always wanted to try.”

Lisa from Blackpink
Source: Instagram/ @lalalalisa_m

What does beauty mean to you and has it been an empowering tool?

“To me, beauty is confidence. I think beauty comes from one’s confident inner-self and one’s attitude. Makeup and styling are the cherries on top of your beautiful inner-self.”

Where do you get your makeup inspiration from?

“I constantly review various makeup looks for inspiration. When I’m at a shoot, I like suggesting makeup styles that I’ve been eager to try out. I enjoy working together with the makeup artist to finalise my look through different attempts to eventually suit the mood I am trying to express in the shoot.”

What would you say to the girls and boys who aspire to be you one day?

“Never give up on your dream, no matter how painful and difficult your journey is. If you trust in yourself and fight until the end, your dreams will come true. You can do it!”

If you weren’t an idol, who would you be today?

“When I was a little girl, I had thought that maybe I could become a model. However, photography seems to have caught my attention lately. Had I not become a singer, I may have been a photographer!”