This will completely change your makeup game!

Long gone are the days of Instagram makeup and putting on layers and layers of base to create a look. Remember colouring a triangle on your under-eye area with concealer before blending it in? Yup, turns out that wasn’t exactly the best way to do it . These days, having to stay at home a lot more means wearing less makeup and even finding new ways to wear them.

If you’ve only ever used concealer like the method above, you’re going to absolutely love this way of wearing it as widely seen on TikTok. It’s uses way less product, yet gets the job done while providing obvious lifting results.

Here’s how:

Strategically place just a smidgen of concealer on the inner and outer corners of your eyes. At the latter, extend the doe-foot applicator upwards like how you would when creating a cat-eye. This creates a subtle lifting effect and uses less product so it looks more natural when you blend it out. See these videos for precise application.

Ready to change the way you wear concealer? Check out these ones for the best results!

Nudestix NudeFix Cream Concealer, RM137

Best concealer

You know how some concealers can be drying because of the concentrated pigment and how dry your under-eye area can get? This one isn’t that way thanks to its super-gel technology that moves with your skin, hyaluronic acid that moisturises, and blend of botanical extracts that nourishes while concealing imperfections. It’s lightweight and completely buildable so you can wear it as thinly or as generously as you want.

dUCk Cosmetics Dot Dot Dot Concealer, RM45

Best concealer

Sure, there are a lot of great concealers out there, but do they come at this extremely affordable price point? It makes you wonder. This one wins for it’s long-wearing formula that’s made with hydrophobic silica, which it’s sweat- and water-resistant . The finish is high-coverage so a little dot is really all it takes on areas you need it the most. The result is a non-cakey and natural-looking finish.

Tarte Hydrocealer Concealer, RM105

Different from its sister product, the high-coverage Shape Tape, this concealer is for days where you don’t want to put on a lot of makeup but still want to feel put-together. It’s medium coverage so it doesn’t feel like too much on your skin. It uses Hydroflex technology™, made with marine plants, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, that’s really creamy and nourishing on the skin – no caking with this one too!