Look well-rested, even if you don’t feel like it with these eye creams.

Pulled another all-nighter? Do your eyes look puffy again? Don’t get frustrated, get smart, and treat your peepers to an eye cream instead. If you’re thinking that you don’t need it, here’s what you need to know: the skin around your eyes is different from the rest of your face. It’s the most fragile on the body and easily susceptible to damage, which is why your regular face moisturiser won’t cut it when it comes to treating that area.

Whether you know the reason for your tired eyes or not, one thing’s for sure, you need help! So here’s a list of best eye cream options you can choose from. Hopefully one of these will be able to sort out that problem for you!

Fake a nap

This has been Rihanna’s secret to looking fresh after late nights. Of course, it is created by her brand, so why would she say otherwise, right? But in case you need more convincing, here’s what it does: The Flash Nap Instant is a 2-in-1 eye cream and concealer. Containing horse chestnut, hyaluronic acid, Persian silk tree, and green tea, this works to soothe the skin, reduce puffiness, fine line, and wrinkles and firm the skin around your eyes over time. Purchase it with its mini metal eye massage tool to enhance product absorption and cooling effect!

Enhance hydration

Best eye cream
Ren Brightening Dark Circle Eye Cream, RM229

If your skin is on the sensitive side, you’ll want to check this out. Made from 95% natural-origin ingredient, it contains elderberry flower extract, which neutralises free radicals (that trigger puffiness) and has no added fragrance. It also contains glycogen that locks in moisture and recharges the skin for a smoother and plumper-looking appearance.

Two-in-one protection 

AHC Age Defense Real Eye Cream For Face, RM153

If you’re looking to get more bang for your buck, this eye cream is one of the front-runners as it can be used on both the eyes and face. It’s made with AHC’s trademarked ingredient called GOLD PEPTIVE™, which provides better absorption and age-defying effects. Here’s how it works: by coating peptides with gold, this promotes the synthesis of collagen by 173%, and helps improve its stability. It’s highly efficacious yet gentle at the same time, giving you resilience, hydration, brightening, and nourishing effects.