No arch enemies here! Benefit’s National Brow Artist, Shanice Yong gives out the secret behind some brow looks just in time for the Lunar New Year!

How well do you know your arches and how to uplift them? The key to figuring out the best way to improving yours is by first getting to know them. Find out the brow-changing tips that will work for you. For that, we turned to Shanice Yong – our girl for transforming arches without them looking off. With CNY waltzing in, Shanice throws a dash of fortune telling too. Like palm reading, if you may, but with the brows!

Shanice Yong, Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia’s National Brow Artist

If you’re familiar with Chinese face reading, you’d know how the facial features are important in future predictions as well as uncovering hidden traits. “The main features that carry the most weight are the eyebrows,” tells Shanice. While the eyes are the windows to the heart, eyebrows give out one’s nature and temperament. Let the brow reading begin!

“Your eyebrows play a major part in communicating. It could also reflect wisdom, thought and personal behaviour,” she adds. “Your brows and their tips represent sense and sensibility.” Pay special attention to their width, length, and compactness. 

Wide Eyebrows

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Cara Delevingne. Source: Instagram/@caradelevingne

Those with wide eyebrows would have a generally more masculine look. It is believed that the beholder of these have a keen eye to the bigger pictures in life. “This is the active, impulsive brow,” says Shanice. These brow holders are known to disregard trivia and everything nitty-gritty.

Narrow Eyebrows

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Nicole Richie. Source: Instagram/ @nicolerichie

“People with narrow eyebrows are feminine-looking,” adds Shanice. Brow reading-wise, this arch type is synonymous to passiveness and indecisiveness. If you have these, you’re also most likely to be very attentive – you see the details in life effortlessly. 

Long Eyebrows

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Candice Swanepoel. Source: Instagram/ @candiceswpoel

Long brow-holders are typed as helpful and friendly. This arch is the charmer of good luck, too. “If the eyebrows are longer than your outer canthus (the corner where upper and lower eyelids meet), this indicates a blessed life with wealth and rank,” she continues. 

Compact Eyebrows 

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Lily Collines. Source: Instagram/@lilyjcollins

“People with these eyebrows often have good relationships with their friends,” says Shanice. Full arches are related to those who are generally easy-going and with help within reach. 

Loose Eyebrows

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Drew Barrymore. Source: Instagram/ @DrewBarrymore

Readings predict that loose eyebrows – especially those focused at the tip may invite complex relationships with siblings and friends. Dependence might be a challenge to some with this set of brows.

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Interlocking Eyebrows

Scarlett Costello. Source: Instagram/ @scarlettcostello

These eyebrows are known for meddling with the ‘life palace’ (the space between eyebrows). Read as single-lined eyebrows, face-readers would advise taming these arches to avoid countless problems that may interfere livelihood.

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Here’s wishing you a grand time at the beginning of this Lunar New Year – plus wowing brows to go with!