Find your eyeshadow transferring by midday? Perfect your method with these tips!

Ever had a makeup meltdown? It happens to the best of us. Makeup can be really intimidating if you’re not used to wearing it, especially when you see all the different types of products and colours there are out there. Eyeshadows specifically can be tricky as there are a lot of shades and finishes to choose from. In a recent holiday masterclass hosted by KVD Vegan Beauty, its Celebrity Makeup Artist and Cat-Eye Ambassador, Daniel Chinchilla shares some easy tips to level up your makeup game with the new online exclusive release, Edge of Reality Eyeshadow Palette.

Get to know Daniel Chinchilla

Source: Instgram/ @chinchilla

“The way I kinda discovered KVD Vegan Beauty is through its Tattoo Liner. I had been in love with it for the longest time so when they asked me to be their Cat-Eye Ambassador, it was like the perfect combination. I had based my entire career on cat-eyes and eyeliner; it was fun and was what I loved. I went to the brand’s headquarters in San Francisco and they had me do YouTube videos of how to perfect the cat-eye with the Tattoo Liner and that was my first job with the brand.”

“I’ve been doing makeup for 20 years, and a while ago, vegan makeup meant that it didn’t have much pigment and didn’t really stay on well. KVD Vegan Beauty is a high-performance line and everything in it is true artistry and it’s going to stay put, has lots of pigments and delivers high colour payoff.”

The base you need

“This is the KVD Vegan Beauty Shake Primer and it has no colour. It’s like thin liquid; you put it on the eyes as a base and the eyeshadow sticks to it, but also makes the colours a lot more pigmented so you get real colour with an eyeshadow. One little drop is all you need. I use a synthetic brush but you can also use your finger if that’s much easier, and I just put it all over the eyelid. It’s almost like you’re putting moisturiser on the eyelids – nice and easy.”

The recyclable eyeshadow palette you’ll want to snag for Christmas

“For me, a good eyeshadow palette is one that has neutral colours, but then has little pops of colours as well. I love to be able to play and explore, so this is a good palette for me.”

“You can start off with mattes and then add shimmer after that. I’m starting with matte to just create the shape of the eye and then I add shimmer when needed.”

“It’s so pigmented. I use very little product and it’s blending easily. The thing that I love is that it has just the right amount of colour. I love the texture of the eyeshadows, they’re so soft and easy to use, even for a beginner. It’s also a fully recyclable palette – it’s made out of paper and there’s no mirror inside.”

“You can dampen the brush or finger a tiny bit and you’re going to get some colour payoff. The reason I like using them wet as well is because it’s not going to fall over the place, you’re really just sticking it to the eye.”

Making the most out of your Tattoo Liner

“You wanna always shake your Tattoo Liner because you want the ink to saturate the tip of the brush. When I store my Tattoo Liners, they’re always upside down cos you want to make it easy that when you use it, they’re ready to go.

“The Tattoo Liner has a really cool brush tip so it almost feels like I’m using a brush, like an actual makeup brush. It’s like a two-in-one. It goes to the thinnest little tip and what I love is that it does the work for you. You’re literally in full control of how your eyeliner looks. If I press very lightly, it’’ll be very thin. And If I press more firm, it goes thicker.”

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