Not only is Seo Yea-Ji’s acting 10/10, she also serves the best looks in the trending K-drama, ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.’

There are so many things to love about Netflix’s latest hit, ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.’ From the unique storyline that follows the budding yet unstable romance between its two main characters, male nurse Moon Gang-Tae (played by Kim Soo-Hyun) and children’s book author Ko Mun-Yeong (played by Seo Yea-Ji), to the protective and heartwarming relationship between Gang-Tae and his autistic older brother, Mun-Yeong’s impeccable sense of style and more, we look forward to each episode every weekend.

But one thing that’s really undeniable is Seo Yea-Ji’s on-screen presence. You can’t figure out her personality at the beginning and decide if you love her or hate her. She’s stunning, of course, and you can’t look away from her baby face, but she’s got a suspicious personality and a witch-like aura. Her character is complex; is she really haunted by a ghost? So many questions! But one thing is clear is that she is a true-blue fashionista who looks immaculate and classy in every scene while serving the best beauty looks. Here, we list down our favourite hairstyles from ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’.

In Episode 1: The Boy Who Fed on Nightmares, we are introduced to the cold-hearted yet celebrated children’s book author. Her hair is styled in a classy updo with a single chunk of tendril framing her face.

For the book-signing scene in Episode 2: The Lady in Red Shoes, Mun-Yeong looks even more stunning with a half updo that’s defined by a middle part and luscious, shiny waves.

Mun-Yeong serves boss babe, no-nonsense, no-fuss realness in a sleek middle part hairstyle in Episode 3: Sleeping Witch.

Remember that time she was choked by her demented father in Episode 4: Zombie Kid? She was sporting the dreamiest-looking side braid, perhaps to showcase her vulnerable side.

Earlier in the same episode, she also sported a clean updo with a side fascinator. Inspired by the Brits, perhaps?

After being haunted by her dead mother in a dream, Mun-Yeong goes out with Gang-Tae for food and fresh air in Episode 7: The Cheerful Dog. Her hair is styled in another half-updo but this time with face-framing fringe that softens her whole look.

Thinking that her long hair is the reason for her bad dreams, Mun-Yeong angrily cuts of her waist-length locks. Gang-Tae then re-cuts into a clean, chic lob, which she reveals in Episode 8: Beauty and the Beast.

Images: Netflix