She dishes on the celebrity’s makeup tricks and talks about the brand’s latest drop, the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Powder Foundation.

While it feels just like a minute ago when Fenty Beauty by Rihanna first launched, the beauty brand is in fact already in its fourth year. And we’re thankful for it! Launched back in 2017, we’ve seen so many amazing products thus far – the Pro Filt’r Hydrating Foundation, Cheeks Out Cream Blush, Full Frontal Mascara, Match Stix… the list goes on – and doesn’t look like the brand is slowing anytime soon.

If you’ve been following the Fenty Beauty, whether on Instagram or YouTube, then you’ll recognise its Global Makeup Artist Priscilla Ono. She does Rihanna’s makeup for special occasions, red carpet, photoshoots and knows all of Rihanna’s tips and techniques. During a post-holiday virtual event last week, she shares insider info about working with the star, along with deets on the new Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Powder Foundation.

Fenty Beauty
Source: Instagram/ @priscillaono

On Rihanna’s makeup style

“Rihanna is like a makeup artist in her own right. She is amazing at doing her own makeup. She does it herself for her day-to-day stuff; if you ever see paparazzi pictures of her out and about, it’s most likely that she did her own makeup.”

“For Rihanna, it’s all about skin looking like skin. With that said, all the products that looked skin-like were always dewy and and luminous and didn’t last very long on her skin. Rihanna is also from Barbados, where it gets really humid so she could never wear a glowy or dewy foundation in that weather because it would just melt off. All of our foundation – the soft matte, the hydrating foundation and now the powder foundation – are humidity-proof. They’re also really long-lasting. Because Rihanna is a performer, she needs her makeup to last a long time. But even so, they’re still meant to look like skin cos again, that’s her number one thing.”

Fenty Beauty
Source: Instagram/ @Fentybeauty

On prepping the skin

“I actually have dry skin myself. I do get a little oily in my T-zone but pretty much dry. Rihanna has very oily skin. So that’s why you see a lot of our products are matte and soft matte because it’s something that she really wanted to create – something that looks like skin but had that soft-matte finish”

“Usually when I do Rihanna’s makeup, we moisturise really well. Even though she does have oily skin, she’s almost drenched in moisturizer because we know that once we apply a soft-matte finish, we’re gonna want that moisture underneath so that the skin looks fresh.”

Fenty Beauty
Source: Instagram/ @fentybeauty

On the new Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Powder Foundation

“Rihanna has been working on the powder foundation for almost two years. She tests it on herself a couple of times before she decides whether she likes it or not. When she knows she likes it, she’ll hand it over to me when we do glam to try it. We test it out, we play and let each other know some of our favourite characteristics about the product.”

“Dont be afraid to layer with the powder foundation. You can wear it by itself or on top of a primer, or you could actually use it on top of the Pro Filt’r foundation that you have. Normally, when I do Rihanna’s makeup, I’m always layering. I usually do use the soft matte Pro Filt’r foundation all over, and then I use the powder foundation on top.”

“The great thing a bout the powder foundation is that it helps so you dont get that much transfer on your mask. Your makeup lasts and stays on your skin, which is great!”

“There are 50 shades and within it, there are three undertone to choose from – Cool, Warm and Netural. It instantly blurs the skin, makes it super flawless and effortless. It’s so fast and so easy!

Source: Instagram/ @fentybeauty

“To complete your look, check out the new Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Cream. If you want something that has a bit more pigment and looks super juicy then you’d want this. I dab with my fingers for that perfect pink pout. Since we’ve been wearing masks, I haven’t really been wearing a bold lip, it’s all about a natural look these days.”