We’ve tried this July special and want you to get your glowing skin therapy too.

Glowing skin with Hydra Shine Therapy

When was the last time you went for a facial? Yup! It is time girl and it is time you get that dewy glow going for your skin. Here’s one to try this month, the new Hydra Shine Therapy at AsterSpring facial that will bring out the healthy looking skin hidden underneath the layer of daily stress that has been sitting on your skin.

Back when I was younger, to me facials were exclusively for special occasions only like when there’s an important event to go to or weddings! But only when you’re the bride-to-be. Brides MUST go for a facial prior to the akad nikah. Basically you go for a head-to-toe servicing so you come out shining with that seri pengantin! Well this was me and this was more than 20 years ago.

Today, we go for facials because we want to glow always. We want that seri pengantin everyday! No more waiting for special occasion to get glowing.

Want a dewy glow?

AsterSpring’s Hydra Shine Therapy uses a professional grade ionizable serum like the Powerbright Ionactive Serum, to immediately brightens skin with potent actives, reducing the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone. The use of LDM machine from Germany (medical grade Ionto Sono) increases penetration and better absorption of this powerful serum into the deeper layers of the skin. The upgraded Intense Hydra Soothing Bio Cellulose mask, rich in Green Caviar (nutrient-rich, collagen & hydration boosting), Ginkgo Biloba Stem Cell Extract (soothing effect), Wasabi Leaf Extract (anti-inflammatory and whitening) and hyaluronic acid further improves hydration and moisture with nano, liposome and probiotic technology.

As usual your session will start with consultation just for the therapist to know what kind of type, concerns… The normal SOP. One of the reasons I kept going back to AsterSpring is the facial massage. It always start with a massage. The cleansing step is massage and it’s double cleansing so double massage! I always tease the therapist asking if she could give me a whole body massage haha! Lebih pulak. The facial continues with exfoliation, mild extraction and a soothing pressure point massage (more massage!) with a concentrated blend of calming essential oils. This is followed by finishing touches of ampoule mist, serum, moisturiser and SPF to protect your skin.

This is not me (obviously) but here is the immediate result of Hydra Shine Therapy.
Before: Skin looks dull. After: Can you see the glow?

What you’ll get

Improved hydration and moisture, intensive glow and skin smooth like butter (because BTS said so). The Hydra Shine Therapy is recommended for all skin types especially dehydrated, dull, uneven and tired complexion, however it is not suitable for skin with severe acne and hyper sensitivity. It akes about 60 minutes for RM398 at all AsterSpring and RM438 at AsterSpring Signature centres (where they massage you even more!)

So jomlah! Get that skin glowing again and always with Hydra Shine Therapy. Brides-to-be? You’re welcome.

pic credit: AsterSpring