Go from New York to Seoul and Paris to Hong Kong in an instant with the City Exclusive 2020 Collection. It’s International Love!

Image: Le Labo Fragrances

Fragrances do more than just make you smell good. In fact, we often associate scents to a memory or place that we’ve visited, don’t we? Le Labo Fragrances does this with its City Exclusive collection that pays homage to some very famous cities accross the globe. Fun fact: each scent is usually sold in the city they belong to!

Take Paris, for instance. Vanille 44 is a scent that’s only available for purchase there in the City of Love. However, once every year, the City Exclusive Collection travels out of their hometowns for the rest of the world to enjoy. For the whole month of August, explore the unique nuances of each scent and take your time to find your favourites with the Discovery sample size (1.5ml) and the City Exclusive Discovery Set 5. Come September, full sizes of the fragrances with be available for purchase. What’s extra special about the City Exclusive event is that in Malaysia, it will be the first year where this collection is introduced!

Image: Le Labo Fragrances

A new introduction

This year, the range features 14 scents, with a newly added city exclusive for Seoul, Citron 28, that comprises refreshing notes of lemon, jasmine and ginger followed by a seductive musky base. See below for other fragrances to look out for:

  • Aldehyde 44 (Dallas)
  • Baie Rose 26 (Chicago)
  • Benjoin 19 (Moscow)
  • Bigarade 18 (Hong Kong)
  • Citron 28 (Seoul)
  • Cuir 28 (Dubai)
  • Gaiac 10 (Tokyo)
  • Limette 37 (San Francisco)
  • Mousse de Chene 30 (Amsterdam)
  • Musc 25 (Los Angeles)
  • Poivre 23 (London)
  • Tabac 28 (Miami)
  • Tubereuse 40 (New York)
  • Vanille 44 (Paris)

Check out the City Exclusive 2020 Collection at Le Labo Fragrances Suria KLCC, 150, First Floor, Suria KLCC Mall, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.