So many tabs with IU, ITZY and TWICE in them!

A little disclaimer: although I have a soft spot for everything K-Beauty, I am straight-up a K-Pop noob. While my K-Group knowledge hits close to zero, I feasted on a more-than-usual dose of K-Pop this week. Was I stoked by the amount of lucent skin zoom-ins throughout last week? YES. Truthfully, I am now ready for some more K-Beauty – (and girl group) recs! Here’s a recap on what’s on my current wishlist, plus the MVs that inspired them. 

‘Not Shy’ by ITZY

ITZY’s ‘Not Shy’ MV had 137 million views (at the time this was written) – and it opened up with Lia leaning against multiple posters of herself, looking nonchalantly pretty. Ten seconds in, all I see is her glaringly smooth skin. 

I haven’t been kind to my skin since the start of the Movement Control Order. In the effort of getting my routine back on track, I Googled Lia’s skincare regimen. In an interview with Allure last month, she said that she used to follow a 10-step routine and was trying a lot of new products to get her skin sorted – but not anymore! She’s mainly sticking to the things that work for her, paying extra attention to effective cleansing and moisturizing. Hey, that’s something I can do too! 

I was led to…

The star of this cream? Probiotics extracted from Jeju Green Tea. Its Lactobacillus ferment lysate is a saviour against external aggressors like fine dust and UV rays. The ceramide derived from green tea seed oil will strengthen skin’s protective barrier and keep me moisturized for 48 hours tops. Amazing.

Switch To Me’ by Dahyun and Chaeyoung of TWICE 

Thanks to the Melody Project (which was set for TWICE members to exhibit their solo abilities), this MV saw the two beauties bringing sass to the chill tune with enviable outfits and makeup looks! 

I’ve been thriving on simply CC cream and tinted lip balms since the mid last year, but both Dahyun and Chaeyoung’s summery eye looks in this MV sparked something in me. I’m ready to whip up some cute eye looks again – but perhaps without a table full of makeup products… for now.

I was led to…

Etude House’s Limited Edition Play Color Eyes Palette in #1 Milk Chocolate, RM107

Alright, this is everything I need in a palette right now. Incredibly easy-to-match browns and beiges that glide softly on my eyelids – each smelling like sweet chocolate. Great for any eye look in mind. Plus points for the ultra-cute Hershey’s Kisses packaging! 

‘Celebrity’ by IU

While I didn’t exactly Google IU’s skincare routine, her radiant complexion in her ‘Celebrity’ MV magically brought a recently-wishlisted product to light. In the 3-minute video, every single look was dreamy – but my favourite was when she sat in a Cinderella-like gown, in the company of her glam team. She was beaming! How does she slay in her appearances without having a bad skin day?

While I obviously do NOT have a glam team of my own, I’m now ambitious enough to start incorporating highly-functioning skincare products to resolve the absence. Nothing too drastic, perhaps a do-all facial essence that would bring out some glow?

I was led to…

Endorsed by (yet another glass-skinned celebrity!) Song Hye Kyo, this one is hard to pass. Powered by the brand’s Ginsenomics or active beauty ginsenoside from rare ginseng saponin, it boasts impressive anti-ageing effects without aggressing skin sensitivity. A wonder for softer, more resilient skin for my own K-beauty glow moments. P/S: This ampoule hits Sulwhasoo stores nationwide this March!