Trade powdered rouge for Malaysian beauty brand Velvet Vanity’s Glo with The Flo dewy, cream blush.

#DewItRight with Glo with The Flo gel-cream blush that makes its comeback to Velvet Vanity Cosmetics’ shelves today, 27th September 2020! The re-launch includes two gorgeous shades suitable for every skin tone – ‘Millenial Pink’ and ‘Peach, What?’ to give your cheeks a lovely hint of au naturel colour. We spoke to Velvet Vanity’s founder, Adlina Nadhirah about the label’s fan-favourite beauty item.

What is the inspiration behind Glo with The Flo?

“We decided to bring back Glo with The Flo because we can see the demand for blushers. The name Glo with The Flo describes the product itself; we wanted to create something that you could apply anytime throughout your day, bringing out the best mood in you. Think of it as a mood booster giving your cheeks a bit of life.”

Malaysian Beauty Brand Velvet Vanity
Source: Velvet Vanity

What are its key ingredients?

“One of the key ingredients in our Glo with The Flo is phytosqualane, which is Ecocert-certified. Phytosqualane is a plant-derived emollient with natural affinity to the skin and helps prevent moisture loss while restoring suppleness and flexibility to skin for a soft, silky complexion.”

Who is Glo with The Flo for?

“We are dedicated to creating products that suit everyone for everyday use. However, our main target is urban women who are looking for easy and effortless makeup products that they can apply on the go.”

Malaysian Beauty brand velvet vanity
Source: Velvet Vanity

What other products would you recommend with the blusher?

“Velvet Vanity products are the key to an effortless everyday makeup look. Hence, we believe that our makeup should complement one another but also perform well on its own. For example, our Glo with The Flo can be worn on its own not only as a blusher, but also as an eyeshadow. Paired with our Reality Star liquid eye shadow and our liquid matte lipsticks, you can create a quick and simple everyday look.”

The Glo with The Flo’s ‘Dew It Right’ bundle will be available online for RM59.90 at Velvet Vanity Cosmetics and Shopee from the 27th September 2020. 

Reported by Aina Izzah