Rise to the challenge of radiance this year with these skin-loving releases by Kiehl’s, Sisley and Chanel!

Do you think it’s the heat or prolonged wear of face masks that has caused your skin to lose its lustre recently? While those are contributing factors, the causes behind skin dullness can actually be traced back to previous skincare mishaps, continuous exposure to skin stressors, ageing, excessive sebum, and well… the list goes on. 

While there are many reasons as to why you’ve yet to achieve that coveted glow, we’ve listed three common ones here; do these resonate with you?

Weakened Skin Barrier

Chanel Le Blanc Serum Healthy Light Creator, RM560

No matter your skin tone or type, hydration is key! When the skin’s defenses are weakened (especially with age or insufficient protection from harmful sun rays), this makes it harder for skin to retain moisture. Leave it at that and skin will appear lacklustre, perhaps even brittle.

Regain skin strength with moisture-boosting active ingredients like gardenia extract for a healthy glow from within! This serum is the product of beyond nine years of research – putting together allantoin and vitamin E as complementary skin-loving ingredients for visible results. Automatically with plumper, stronger skin, you’d notice a more illuminated complexion – even, smooth and firm. 

Low Breathability

Sisley La Mousse Brightening Cleansing Foam-In-Cream, RM540

Have you ever had a moment in time when your skin feels… clogged? ‘Breathable’ skin is the feel of lightness when your sebum balance is in check and impurities are cleared off. Now, if your skin starts to lose its glow – check again: have you been paying attention to the way you cleanse? Or is your cleanser posing problems to the state of your skin?

Keep only a cleanser that not only has the ability to shield the epidermis’ hydrolipidic film while acting as an effective cleansing solution – no traces of dirt left! Get velvety smooth skin (with ample breathability for the whole day!) with marshmallow polysaccharides plus sunflower and camellia oils. Let your skin breathe again!

Uncontrolled Hyperpigmentation

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, RM239

For some, what’s hindering skin luminosity might be the increase of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. If clarity is what you seek, find a potent product that is able to fix your overall skin tone while preventing further appearances of unwanted discoloration!

A power serum with Activated C (a fast-acting Vitamin C that helps to reduce the look of current discolorations) and buffered salicylic acid, this formula is proven to boost skin clarity with consistent use. To quote Kiehl’s Global Consulting Dermatologist, Dr Meghan O’Brien, “Increased pigmentation can develop more over time as a result of sun exposure. The amount of time needed to see visible improvementcan vary according to the type and intensity of the dark spot… but patience pays off!”