Celebrity makeup artist Shiyo Joo teaches us how to create the main campaign look.

On Valentine’s day, model and influencer Ameera Khan dropped a sweet surprise in collaboration with Young & Glow – a homegrown beauty brand helmed by her mother and entrepreneur, Datin Noor Kartini – in the form of a makeup palette called The Darling Palette.

If you’ve been following the stunning 20-year-old for a while, you might recall her running her very own makeup brand, LMK Cosmetics, comprising lip glosses, blushers, and highlighters. While it is now sadly discontinued, don’t despair. If you’re a fan of Ameera’s makeup style and aesthetics, you’ll want to get this palette and here’s why.

Ameera Khan
Ameera as Marilyn Monroe with her cat Darling, who inspired the name of the palette.

“All of the names that I’ve chosen for each colour represents something that means a lot to me. For instance, ‘Romeo’ is my kitten who passed away a few months ago. ‘Baby’ is what my family calls me, ‘Mama’s Girl’ cos I’m my mama’s girl and ‘Snow White’ because I’m the fairest in my family,” says Ameera with a laugh.

The Darling Palette is the first-ever makeup palette created by Young & Glow. It features 10 matte and shimmery, fully pigmented shades made from nourishing ingredients such as Argan oil, grapeseed oil, Vitamin E, and without the presence of alcohol, parabens, and mineral oil.

The campaign features Ameera embodying three different personas. She says, “The look that I relate to the most is the second one with the high ponytail because it’s simple and natural, and very me. But my favourite look has got to be the Marilyn Monroe look. The concept behind the whole campaign is very fun and different from my usual personality.” 

Ameera Khan
The look Ameera relates to the most

The makeup artist for this campaign is none other than celebrity makeup artist Shiyo Joo, who also happens to be one of Ameera’s favourite artists. Shiyo says, “I’m very obsessed with glittery makeup. Once I saw this palette, I told Ameera that I wanted to use the highlighter to create a look. What’s special about the ‘Snow White’ shade is that you can use it on top of any other colour to amplify your makeup.”

Get the look!

Here, Shiyo shares how to recreate the Marilyn Monroe-inspired makeup look on Ameera Khan.

The Darling Palette has 10 matte and shimmer shades for the eyes and face.
  • “This a very versatile palette – there’s a blusher, highlighter, contour, and eyeshadows. The colours are really pigmented and blendable at the same time. Every time I dip my brush into one of the shades, I have to tap the excess off on my hand to reduce the intensity.”
  • “Use ‘Romeo’ as a base to make the eyes look deeper and mask the look of puffiness. Start from the creases to blend and soften the colour.”
  • “Then, using a detailed brush, mix ‘2000’ and ‘Romeo’ to colour the lower lash lines.”
  • “Here’s the most fail-proof way to create a sharp eyeliner look. Using a pointed brush, pick up the darker shade called ‘Model’ to lightly sketch the outline of a cat-eye. If you go wrong, you can always rub it off using your finger. Then, follow this with your liquid liner.”
  • “‘Snow White’ gives an intense reflective effect. Put it on the centre of your eyelids using your fingertip. It really gives your eyes more dimension. Continue with mascara to lengthen your lashes and then brighten up the inner corners of the eyes with ‘Snow White’ again.”
  • “Mix ‘Sisters’ and ‘Snow White’ to highlight the high points of the cheekbones, nose bridge, and Cupid’s bow.”
  • “Use ‘Mama’s Girl’ on the cheeks. It’s a very versatile colour that you can use for every skin tone. It’s a warm coral tone that gives you a sun-kissed look.” 
  • “Pick up ‘Latte’ with an angled brush and lightly dab it on to make it a natural shadow on the jawline and hairline to make the face look more sculpted. And finally, finish off the look with nude lip colour to let the eyes shine.”

The Darling Palette by Ameera Khan retails at RM89.00 and can be purchased through drop-ship agents, the Young & Glow website and will be soon made available on its official Shopee account, YOUNG & GLOW OFFICIAL STORE.