Tone, lift and reactivate! Here’s a clear-complexion workout for all skin types.

Thanks to the scorching heat and hours of having the mask on, maintaining good skin days start to feel like endurance training! 

But take this as a challenge – with a solid skincare routine, you’d get back on track in no time! Read through to see our recommended items to scoring a healthier complexion.

Strength Training: Nail Your Basics

If you’re still figuring out your essential three-step-routine – aka Cleanse-Moisturise-SPF – take this as your first assessment to clearer skin. Skincare rookie or pro, the benefits of cleansing topples all the basic steps in taking care of your skin. Ace this first! As important it is to select an effective cleanser that washes off all traces of impurities, never neglect the after-feel. A great cleanse feels light, fresh and of course, clean (as opposed to tight, dry and greasy).

Meet your trainer!

Workout Rep: Twice every day in the AM and PM (as daily cleanser/scrub), Thrice a week (as daily cleanser/scrub for sensitive skin to avoid overstimulation), Once a week (as an instant radiance mask)

The Energizing Facial Cleanser boasts THREE functions in one! It’s a detoxifying daily cleanser, but also an easy gentle scrub and instant radiance mask too. Comes out as a soft, creamy paste with fine grains, it holds magnesium-rich volcanic rock and rhyolite grains for fresher, clearer skin. No more congested pores! 

P/s: as this cleanser is suitable for both men and women, you’re welcome to make it a part of your couples’ skincare training. Available in March 2021

Flexibility Training: Lift It Up

Already have a skincare routine that works for you? Kudos. Now, assuming you’ve taken great care of your face – we hope you’ve done the same for the skin around your neck and decolletage! If you haven’t, let’s start now. The areas surrounding your neck are delicate and more susceptible to wrinkles and sun damage. Left unguarded, it could speed up the surfacing of lines, creases and sagging! 

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Workout Rep: Twice a day. Tone, lift and moisturize with rye seed extract! This ingredient joins forces with Palmitoyl Tripeptide-42 and rambutan extract to give you retinol-like effects – smoother, firmer skin with antioxidant defense for the neck and décolleté. Together, they embody the brand’s Flex Lift Contour Technology, an effort to sculpt a younger, longer-looking neck. To use this serum, tilt your chin, roll the applicator tip over your whole neck (work from the décolleté up to your jawline). Roll and massage in an upward motion. Keep your chin up until the serum dries, then slather on your usual moisturiser.

Balance: Sleep Is Everything

When you’ve done all that you can for your skin in the day, make sure to rest well at night. To keep your skin bouncy from the second you wake up, thorough moisturising is the way to go. Secure the benefits of your skincare with a star finisher. Our favourite way to do this? Wind down with a sleeping mask that bolsters hydration while keeping your daylight concerns at bay. 

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Workout Rep: Once every night. Get things right the first time. Skin Inc takes customisation to another level with this sleeping mask! To create one unique to your skin, first select a base (either Hydro Gel or Hydro Cream). Then, choose two serum boosters reflecting your main concerns from Soothe, Clarify, Detox, Age Proof and Glow. Blend your potions well, massage into skin and have your beauty sleep! (Pictured is the Soothe + Clarify set with ceramide, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and salicylic acid).

Have a fruitful training journey. Whenever you’re ready, flex that bouncy skin!