Get to know more about our favourite Malaysian beauty brands this Merdeka Day!

We asked our favourite Malaysian beauty brands what’s the number one beauty product of theirs that have been and should be on the list for every beauty enthusiast, plus a teaser of new releases that are coming up.

SO.LEK Cosmetics Kilat Gang Malaysian Beauty Brand
SO.LEK Cosmetics Kilat Gang, RM49

Kilat by SO.LEK Cosmetics

“We are one of the few local brands that sell nail polishes that are wudhu-friendly in the sense that they are water-permeable, breathable and can be peeled off. Kilat, our nail polish range has a variety of colours from pastels, bright pinks, dark and neutrals as well as glitters. We also received good feedback from our customers, aka the Gincu Gang, about the concept of Kilat and they are named based on both local and international fruits. As for the rest of our products, we named our Kilat in Bahasa Malaysia (e.g Duku, Anggur), which we think sets us apart in the market.

Meanwhile, we are in the process of finalising the design for something at the moment, but no spoilers for what it is! There have also been requests from our customers to come up with eye palettes which are definitely in the plans.” – Liana Ramli, SO.LEK Marketing Team

Gromwell Squalane Gentle Restoring Face Oil by Root Remedies
Gromwell Squalane Gentle Restoring Face Oil by Root Remedies, RM129

Gromwell Squalane Gentle Restoring Face Oil by Root Remedies

“Our Gentle Oil has an almost weightless texture and is super gentle on the skin, highly recommended for those with easily irritated skin. Its gorgeous, pink hue comes from healing Gromwell extract, which contains potent healing agents to soothe breakouts and inflammation. It’s made with 100% Beetroot Squalane to gently replenish your skin’s natural moisture with no risk of clogging pores. Stay tuned for more new releases of face oil!” – Yee Sian Chiew, Founder of Root Remedies

Cakenis Petite Oil
Cakenis Petite Oil, RM65

Cakenis Petite Oil by Cakenis

“Initially, Cakenis Petite Oil is paired with our undergarment range Cakenis Curves and come as a set. It was highlighted to help with reducing cravings (as it contains peppermint essential oil) and reducing the appearance of stretchmarks because of its moisturising element. We then got feedback that it also helps reduce gas/bloating, headaches and improve sleep quality. From then on we were pushed to sell Cakenis Petite Oil individually and it has now become the best-selling item on our website.

In the near future, Cakenis will be coming out with C by Cakenis Petal Mask, a gel sleeping mask formulated specifically to combat sebum production, for both oily and combination skin types. A good gel sleeping mask for oily skin is hard to come by and those with oily and acne-prone skin are always left with the option of a clay or powder mask. Hence, Cakenis Petal Mask focuses on reducing oil emission while improving hydration, relieving redness and shrinking pores with the effective blend of witch hazel and cucumber extract.” – Hanis Zalikha, Founder of Cakenis

Reported by Aina Izzah