It’s time to treat yo’self with new beauty products.

Give yourself a pat on the back for making it through 2020 thus far. We’re in the midst of a global pandemic, a lockdown (we’re on our second one in KL), panic buying, a power struggle to helm the government, and no longer have the connection and relationships we used to. Times are hard!

So how about you take some time to focus on your well-being? Be compassionate and allow yourself to feel pampered with anxiety-reducing, self-care experiences. What we’re about to list down does come with a hefty price tag, and they might not be the most practical things to splurge on right now, but the effects of these new beauty products on your overall mood might just be what you need.

New beauty products
Source: Gucci Beauty

A boost of confidence

It’s perfectly normal to have down days where you feel like everyone else is winning but you. Get off social media, shake it off and give yourself a bold makeover with the Gucci Beauty Goldie Red 25* lipstick. It delivers vibrant colour and according to Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, expresses sensuality, charm, and individuality of those who wear it. Swipe it on your lips and see how glam and gorgeous you look! It’s available in all of the Rouge à Lèvres formulations: matte, sheer and satin.

Available at the KLCC store and retails for RM145

New beauty products
Source: Chanel Beauty

Power up your makeup

Makeup meets skincare in this remarkable serum foundation. Chanel’s Sublimage range is an anti-ageing powerhouse, developed around the rejuvenating and healing benefits of the Masagascan Vanilla. Now, it introduces the L’essence de Teint to its line so you don’t have to compromise your skincare when wearing makeup. Love putting on foundation? This will hydrate, protect and even out your skin tone at one go. It delivers a sheer, glowing finish thanks to light-reflecting particles, however you can build up coverage if you want to.

Available at all Chanel boutiques and retails for RM528

Source: La Mer

Enhance skin’s protection

Did you know that skin inflammation brought on by pollution causes premature ageing? Now, isn’t that stressful? Let La Mer’s The New Concentrate help you out with that. The cult-favourite serum is now enhanced with antioxidant protection from lime tea concentrate to neutralise free radicals and help prevent visible signs of ageing before they begin. It also contains concentrated Miracle Broth, the brand’s star ingredient born from the power of sea kelp, to calm the look of inflammation. This serum acts like a liquid barrier to deflect damaging irritants while helping skin rebuild its natural barrier. Over time, skin is strengthened against environmental irritants!

 La Mer The New Concentrate (50ml) retails for RM2,120