Small in size but mighty in power!

With the beauty industry growing as fast as it is today, technology is obviously the way forward. Currently, there are brands that are connecting with consumers via augmented reality apps and some are introducing devices to incorporate into skincare routines.

Leading the beauty tech world is Swedish brand FOREO that has launched many innovative skincare solutions such as the FOREO BEAR and the LUNA cleansing range. Having tried both and a few others from the brand, I can really vouch for its reliability and efficacy in enhancing my skincare regimen.

Exfoliator brush
Soure: Foreo Malaysia

New to my routine is the LUNA FOFO, a palm-sized facial exfoliator brush that works a little bit differently compared to the other LUNA devices. Yes, it still uses T-sonic pulsations to remove oil, dirt and makeup residue from the skin but this model is fitted with advance 24K gold-plated dual skin sensors that are capable of analysing your skin’s moisture levels and condition in each area of the face: forehead, cheeks, chin and nose.

Here’s how it works: turn the device on by holding the power button at the back for three seconds until it starts blinking. Connect it to your phone via Bluetooth using the FOREO app. Follow its instructions and place the FOFO on your face as indicated by the app. This is where the gold plates work to analyse your skin condition 

Exfoliator brush

Through the app, the device will tell you whether your moisture levels are on track or not and will personalise your skincare routine to target your specific skin issues. Then you may start cleansing. Lather your face slightly with a face wash and let the device run its course. As with the LUNA 3, your FOFO will pause to tell you when to move to the next area, but unlike it, you can’t adjust the intensity. The pulsations are set based on the results of the analysis. 

The LUNA FOFO has two cleansing surfaces – thicker touch points at the top target oil-prone areas like the T-zone and chin, and is great for deep cleaning. Its finer touch-points are ideal for larger areas like the cheeks and forehead. 

Overall, it’s a great beauty tool that’s extremely handy for when you’re travelling. My only issue is that it’s powered by triple-A batteries (which claims to last you up to 400 uses) and you’d need to unscrew the FOFO to replace them. Needless to say, I prefer a rechargable device.

The FOREO LUNA FOFO exfoliator brush retails for RM415 and is available at