Here are some tips to help you get over first-time jitters.

If you’ve never gone through it before, a Brazilian wax may sound like one of the scariest things in life. From having to be completely naked down there in front of a stranger (talk about embarrassing!) to getting all the hair on your private parts ripped out with hot wax (ouch!), why even let yourself go through the process, right? Well, here’s why you should. Brazilian wax is the healthiest way to get rid of body hair as it helps exfoliate and remove damaged skin cells and decongest clogged pores so healthy skin can grow. It will also help increase blood circulation, which helps drain toxins from your skin. We talk to Amira Amirudin, a rep from Strip Ministry of Waxing about the steps to take note of during your first time.

Brazilian wax
Source: Phi Phi on Unsplash

Expect to be naked (duh!)

A Brazilian wax is where the hair on your private parts are removed with a layer of wax that’s quickly peeled off. Amira says that it’ll be uncomfortable for first-timers as you will have to take your pants and undies off. The therapist will try to make you feel as normal as possible by making small talk but you can decide how you want that session to be – completely quiet or otherwise. Just remember that these therapists have seen a lot of naked people before so there’s no need to feel embarrassed!

Shower beforehand

You’ll probably want to take a shower before you expose your intimate parts to strangers. But in case you’ve been out and about before your appointment, don’t fret. The salons usually provide cleansing wipes so you can clean yourself before the treatment begins.

Don’t come during that time of the month

This is a no-brainer but you’ll be surprised to hear that some customers do come during their menstruation with the hopes of getting a treatment done. Just NO!

Check your hair length (down there)

If your pubic hair is too long, the therapist will trim it for you before applying the wax. “If it is too short, then you’ll have to wait for it to grow, at least 1cm long, and schedule your appointment for another day,” she says. 

Know your pain tolerance

Brazilian wax
Strip Ministry of Waxing Forest Wax

For Brazilian waxes, a hard wax is commonly used as it is more friendly on the skin as some parts, such as the outer labia are more sensitive, making waxing a bit more painful. If the first pull is already painful for you, do voice out your concerns and tell the therapist to rip out smaller sections instead as this will lessen the pain. For your first time, give Strip Ministry of Waxing’s Forest Wax a try as it is concocted to spread easily on the skin for comfortable hair removal. It’s soothing, refreshing and delivers a near painless experience!

This month, first-timers at Strip Ministry of Waxing will get to enjoy the Brazilian Forest Wax at only RM88 (Usual Price RM120.50), and the Boyzilian Forest Wax at RM98 (Usual Price RM155.50) for one time only. Contact the Strip Call Centre for an appointment, Monday to Friday (closed on KL public holidays), from 9am to 6pm via Whatsapp at 012-9286 310, Tel: 03-2201 6310 / 6311