This cream of wonder returns with an upgraded formula to provide even more effective, visible results. 

If you loved Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream before, you’re gonna love it even more now! Formerly launched in 2013, this cream has instantly been a fan fave for its multi-tasking and anti-aging wonders. The top-selling cream is well-known for its rich and silky texture, apart from its miraculous anti-aging function. This time, Kiehl’s has introduced three fresh ingredients with different, unique roles into the cream:

  • Phytomimetic Vitamin A: a botanical ingredient that helps renew skin’s surface and visibly smoothen wrinkles.
  • Chaga Mushroom: used in traditional medicine practices to promote well-being, this also helps even skin tone and boost radiance.
  • ProxylaneGX: a patented anti-aging molecule that helps restore elasticity for a firmer skin.
Kiehl’s cream: Super multi-corrective cream
Image: Kiehl’s

What’s amazing about this upgrade is that it now addresses seven types of ageing concerns and works to firm, lift, smooth, even out skin’s texture, refine, boost radiance, all the while keeping the skin well moisturised.

When should I start an anti-ageing routine?

It’s a question many of us wonder. Dr Meghan O’Brian, Kiehl’s global consulting dermatologist explains:

“As we age, many of our vital skin functions that work together to keep skin looking healthy and youthful begin to power down. This shows up on skin as visible signs of aging. Some of the early onset issues associated with the skin aging process is rougher and more easily dehydrated looking skin. Over time, skin will also start to lose elasticity and volume due to a lack of collagen production and slower skin cell turnover – this can eventually cause visible sagging and wrinkles to develop.”

“Skin radiance and overall tone may also become compromised as a result of built up sun damage or the appearance of what are more commonly referred to as ‘age spots.’ Visible signs of aging in the skin can start to occur as early as age 20. Anti-aging products are not just for mature skin types– they can be a very important preventative measure for young adults looking to combat early signs of aging.”

Now that we know how important it is to take care of our skin, even at young age, it’s time to enjoy all these goodness in one product!

The Kiehl’s Super Corrective Multi Cream 50ml retails for RM272.

Reported by Lisa Norosmi