M.A.C Cosmetics show us how to embrace natural or go full glam inspired by the beauty trends of SS21

While most of us aren’t wearing more than just a cushion or compact foundation these days, it’s always fun to escape and be inspired by the fantastical world of makeup. From the elegant couture world of Giambattista Valli to Michael Harpen’s celebration of animal prints and jacquard, the talented artists from M.A.C Cosmetics these makeup looks (both classic and creative) to accompany these designers’ eclectic creations. 

Bare skin

SS21 beauty
Photographed by Nick DeLieto for CJR SS21

Wearing masks during the New Normal made the no-makeup look a popular trend with fashion runways showcasing minimal and light makeup that enhances the skin’s complexion rather than having a heavy blanket of foundation or concealer. According to M.A.C’s Senior Artist, Fatima Thomas, “We like it to look healthy and clean but it does not need to be flawless.”

Elevated eyes

SS21 beauty
Photographed by Isamaya Ffrench for Giambattista Valli SS21

Dressing up the eye with matte eye shadows and chromatic glitters will add a touch of glamour and luxe to any look. Amp up your eye look game with glitter eyeliner over pastel shadows or go for a full matte single-toned winged shadow to give the eyes more definition. 

Bushy brows

SS21 beauty
Phtographed by Nick Delieto for Ekhaus Latta SS21

With the closure of hair salons and beauty parlours, a lot of us have resorted to growing our brows out. And it isn’t half bad. In fact, the thin, stripped eye brows of the 2000s don’t stand a chance! Makeup artist Steve Huynh says that it’s time for us to, “Open up the brow so that it has a streamlined shaped that is more like an eyebrow than a drawing.”

Soft & blurred out

SS21 beauty
Photographed by Nick DeLieto for Christian Cowan SS21

Ombre shadows, soft blush and stained lips – the blur effect is like a hint of colour on the eyes and lips by softening the edges of matte hues and using dewy and liquid based-makeup. Blur makeup is in the family of the natural look but with more daring colours to elevate the minimal look. 

Artsy DIY

Photography by Lucy Bridge for CJ SS21

To the beauty enthusiasts, if your Instagram’s Explore page is filled with graphic liners, glitters and otherworldly painted landscapes on the eyes and faces of underground and popular beauty gurus then, this is the trend for you. DIY makeup looks push the boundaries of makeup from simply beautifying the face to making unapologetic and inspiring art.