Class is in session! Lancôme’s anticipated Skincare Symposium goes virtual this year as skincare experts continue to enlighten us on the new discoveries of the human microbiome and its benefits to the skin.

How the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Serum Utilises Microbiome Science

At the E-Symposium, the brand’s International Scientific Director, Dr. Annie Black goes into the specificity of how the fan-favourite Advanced Génifique serum harnesses the behaviour of the microbiome in its formula by incorporating seven pre- and probiotic fractions. Basically, these ingredients boost and build up the resilience of the microbiome, which helps strengthen the skin’s barrier. 

The pre- and probiotic fractions also provide for the growth and diversity of the microbiome and act on skin cells to support key perimeters associated with younger-looking skin – take that, fine lines and wrinkles! 

Lancôme Advanced Génefique
Source: Lancome

The Advanced Génifique Formula is Light on the Skin

A beauty routine should be a relaxing time for your skin after a full day of being out and about in a harsh environment. Therefore, a light serum that would be easily absorbed into the skin is ideal. The Lancôme Advanced Génefique formula is dense enough to be massaged slowly upon application, but instead of leaving a sticky residue, the serum melts and infuses into the first barrier of the skin to unleash the benefits of the pre- and probiotic fractions. 

Lancôme Advanced Génefique
Source: Lancome

Lancôme Conducted One of the Largest Cosmetic Study

A total of 1,065 Asian women of all ages and skin types were recruited by Lancôme in a cosmetic study where they were required to use the Advanced Génefique serum for 4 weeks (during the day and night). To acquire the necessary results, the women took a selfie before and after using the product, and through their technology, Lancôme discovered that there were visible facial differences. 

Wrinkles are reduced, redness becomes faded and textures on the skin are refined – no matter the skin type. These women saw an improvement in the suppleness and radiance of their skin in just 7 days, and in one month, the skin looks repaired and youthful. 

With Advanced Génefique, Lancôme aims to develop the science of the microbiome in protecting and repairing the skin and transform it to a higher performance. 

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Reported by Aina Izzah