Vitamin C products can be irritating for the skin but it doesn’t have to be that way for you!

Despite being touted as one of the greatest ingredients in skincare for its numerous benefits such as enhancing collagen production, preventing premature skin ageing, potent antioxidant properties and more, Vitamin C can be irritating on the skin due to its acidic nature. 

It’s common for those with sensitive skin to see some redness following the usage of a Vitamin C product, especially one with a high dose of ascorbic acid. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Look for a product that’s gentle and skin-friendly, yet doesn’t compromise on the same skin health benefits.

Enter the LUMI Beauty Vitamin Glow Super Serum. You might have seen the pretty pastel yellow bottle on your Instagram feed or Stories a few times since its launch on the 1st of September. Fast becoming a skincare favourite with customers already re-purchasing their second and third bottle to date, the hydration-boosting serum is made of nourishing, naturally-derived ingredients from fruits and veggies, which are gentle on the skin. The Vitamin C part of the ingredients come from citrus extracts, which also gives the serum its amazing, energising scent!

Lumi Beauty
Source: Lumi Beauty

LUMI beauty is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur, Chryseis Tan. Taking almost two years to formulate in South Korea, she says, “I wanted to create a skincare range packed with effective ingredients and an approachable price tag. Glowing skin should be for everyone.” Chryseis is known for her flawless and almost-glass-like complexion, so who else to introduce a brand with the tagline ‘Gleam Before Glam’ than her! Here’s what we love about the serum.

Lumi beauty
Source: Lumi Beauty

Its refreshing scent

Squeeze the glass dropper and you’ll get droplets of honey-coloured serum that smells exactly like fresh orange juice. The scent instantly invigorates you in the morning and also calms you down after a long day. It’s the perfect companion for your daily routine, no matter day or night!

Packed with nutrients

It’s like a fruit cocktail for the skin. Vitamins C, E and beta carotene from orange, lime, lemon, apple, grape and carrot extracts make up the ingredients of the serum, promising to deliver antioxidants, long-lasting hydration and a healthy glow.

Lumi Beauty
Source: Lumi Beauty

Lightweight texture

Its lightweight texture absorbs fast into the skin. So you can layer it with the rest of your products in your skincare routine without feeling greasy or uncomfortable.

That LUMI vibe

One look at the brand’s dreamy Instagram page and you’re bound to fall in love. From daily affirmations, Spotify playlist recos to FAQs and skin tips, learn more about LUMI beauty there and be a part of the #GleamTeam.

The fast-selling Vitamin Glow Super Serum retails at RM128 for 30ml. Score your bottle here!